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MPSP Lecture Series with Prof. Carsten Rockstuhl
Lecture Topic: A T-matrix approach to describe them all: materials, metamaterials, and metasurfaces

Abstract: A T-matrix, also called transition matrix, expresses how an object converts an incident into a scattered field. The object can be classical, like a traditional scatterer for which the T-matrix can be obtained from Maxwell’s equations, or a molecule, which prompts a quantum-chemical treatment to capture its T-matrix. When combined with a renormalization of the T-matrix upon periodically arranging the object, many properties can be analytically expressed. Examples of such properties are effective material parameters or expressions of how a metasurface diffracts light. Both can be used to design optical materials inversely. In this contribution, I describe the latest developments along these lines and emphasize the combined consideration of ordinary molecular materials and materials.
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